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The #1 Safety?

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Risk Management.

The most important safety while kiteboarding is YOU. While undertaking the sport of kiteboarding you are also inheriting risks. Managing risks is a focal point of our lessons at RAD Kiteboarding and experience is the best teacher of all. We want our students and fellow kiters to recognize there can be risks and complications involved while kiteboarding especially when it is not respected or negligently preformed. Just like driving a car, accidents happen, so one should have contingencies on how to respond when they do.

How can we optimally Manage Risks?

Being trained on how to self rescue and performing a self rescue is great way to be prepared for the worst. It’s a huge confidence boost knowing what to do when the wind dies or when something goes wrong like a gear malfunction. Self rescues aren’t an everyday occurrence for kiters but when worst comes to worst knowing how to properly self rescue can save your life.

Also, knowing how to swim comfortably is a huge a help in this sport and other watersports. If all gear is lost, then swimming back to shore is the only option. It’s ok if you’re not the best swimmer too. You can always wear a flotation aid which gives a tremendous advantage in the water. It’s also good idea to not kite out further than you can swim back. It all comes down to risk management. For more tips come take a lesson with us!

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