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It’s a merging of your own body neuromuscular, or brain body, with the power/energy/rhythm of nature. That’s what’s so jewel-like about mind/body/sea energy interfacing together. One thing I like about surfing is that it is all out. You can’t be half-hearted, or you can’t be thinking about something else. You’ve got to be totally there. - Dr. Timothy Leary

Whether you're starting from the beginner level, or you're wanting to take your abilities to another dimension, RAD can assist on your surfing journey!  We offer surfing lessons, foiling lessons, and tow in surfing experiences!  


Surfing can be challenging and having an Experienced Guide can make all the difference in your session. Whether you are wanting to surf a uncrowded peak or wanting to improve your surfing in a natural setting, RAD is here to help. 

Guided Surfing involves using a jetski to get to our location of surfing or driving to a local break here on the island. If you're looking for a raw surfing experience, this is the option for you. 


2 Hour Guided Surf Pricing

1 person - $200 

2 people for - $300

3 people for - $400

Surfing Lesson Puerto Rico.jpg
Step Off Surfing Puerto Rico San Juan.tiff


Take your Surfing to the next level with Jet Ski Assisted Surfing AKA (Step Offs)!  Step Offs create the opportunity to capture multiple waves and improve your surfing technique in a shorter time frame than typical surfing.  Knowing how to surf is not a requirement, but definitely helps in your progression and in certain situations. This is an incredible way to learn how to surf fun and amazing waves! 


Think Heli-Skiing, but for surfing!

$300 for 90 Minutes of Step Off Surfing 

Tow-In Foiling

This is our most advanced experience that we offer. Hydrofoil experience and skill is a requirement. We offer an intro to foiling lesson to teach beginners how to hydrofoil behind a jetski.  Experience the feeling of flying over the water, carving turns, and gliding through wave sections of pure bliss. 


Feel free to call us for more information.

$300 for 90 Minutes of Tow In Foiling

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