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Learning to kite board (kite surf) can be challenging, yet with our coaching it can be a breeze!  With time, repetition, and a good sense of humor anyone can learn how to kitesurf.  At RAD, we believe that everyone's learning pace and style is different. With that being said, it usually takes between 6 and 20 hours of lessons to be proficient at kiteboarding.  We cater to the individual needs of our students while developing skills that are functional to the ultimate goal of becoming a kiteboarder.  Our mission is to deliver a top quaility experience with passion and integrity.  We don't believe in cutting corners because our students deserve the best and we want them to become part of a global kiteboarding community


  • PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL INSTRUCTION - At RAD Kiteboarding, we care about our student's safety and progression.  We are just as stoked as you are with your progress. You will learn from Alex Kappes, an experience IKO Certified Instructor,  a first aid/rescue responder, and dedicated waterman. 

  • Quality Gear -  We provide the latest models of the easiest to use kites and boards by Airush to help with your progression. At RAD Kiteboarding we believe Airush Kiteboarding has a premium product and is great for beginners. Click here for our review. 

  • Floatation Devices - RAD Kiteboarding uses COAST GUARD Approved floatation for our kitesurfing lessons. Most schools use impact vest which provide very little floatation and do not meet COAST GUARD standards.

  • Radio Communication - We use BB Talkin' Radios for reliable and instantaneous two way communication for our kitesurfing classes. 

Want to learn more on what to expect during a kitesurfing lesson and our lesson program? Click Here


Private 3 Hour Kiteboarding Lesson- $375

3 Hour Kiteboarding Lesson for 2 Students - $480

3 Hour Kiteboarding Lesson for 3 Students - $600



The Kiteboarder Package is our 12 hour lesson program designed to create complete beginners into kiteboarders (Upwind). The Kiteboarder Package is broken up into (4) 3 hour kitesurfing classes . This is a huge advantage to the student's progression because of the quality of the lesson time.  The frequency of lesson hours substantially helps reinforcing skills learned with a kite. The Kiteboarder Package gives our students a more competent and confident experience with skills that can be taken anywhere in the world. 


  • Lesson 1- Introduction and Kite Control

  • Lesson 2- Body Drags and Waterstarts

  • Lesson 3- Waterstarts and Riding

  • Lesson 4- Riding and Upwind


Coming to Puerto Rico for a quick trip and don't want to pay board bag fees? We rent boards and the harness only.  Kites and bars are for lesson use only. If you're looking for a full rental set up contact us for more information or book an Advanced Lesson from the "BOOK" button on our page.

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