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Want to learning how to Wing Foil?! Look no further, RAD Kiteboarding provides a full range of Watersport adventures!


Wing Foiling, Wing Surfing, or Winging is a relatively new sport that uses a board with a hydrofoil and hand held sail to capture the wind for propulsion.  The fundamentals of learning how the wing can be a breeze, but like most exciting and thrilling activities it can take some practice and time to get the hang of it. At RAD, our lesson program is designed to build a great foundation for you to start wing foiling on your own time.  Though if you need the extra support, we've got you covered with our jet ski supervised lessons in flat water!

What to Expect during a Wing Foil Lesson

Our Winging Program Has 4 Steps

1. Wind Theory/ Wind Window

2. Flying drills

3. Staying upwind/ Riding

4. Activating the Foil


We start off with us discussing the wind window and wind theory.  Wind theory is the most important concept of learning how wind sports work.  One can physically do all the right steps with the hydrofoil board and wing, but if the wind is not captured by the sail properly failure will ensue.  Secondly, we focus on how to fly the wing.  It sounds simple enough, but having an understanding of what to do with the wing while in the water, can shed hours off of the learning curve.  Staying Upwind is a crucial skill for all wind sports. Learning this skill will help you practice safely and become a winger.  Plus, "The Walk of Shame" or as I like to call it  "The Walk of Gains" can get frustrating over time.  So learning to stay Upwind, or reach back to where you starter from is key to avoid walking constantly when practicing.  Activating the Hydrofoil/ Foil can be very challenging, yet the experience is exhilarating and absolutely worth while.  The feeling of flying on top of the water is unlike anything else. Our lesson program teaches our student's how to safely engage and ride on foil.  All the while teaching how safely avoid dangerous crashes, "bail before you crash." If more practice with the Foil is needed, RAD offers Foil lessons behind a jetski which can speed up your foil learning curve.  

Pricing for Wing Foiling Lessons

$250 For 2 Hours of Wing Foil Lesson (From the Beach)

$300 For 1.5 Hours for Wing Foil Lesson with Jetski Support

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