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FAQ's About Kiteboarding 

What is the difference between kitesurfing and kiteboarding? ​

  • Kiteboarding is considered the sport in its entirety. There are many different disciplines of kiteboarding (foiling, surfing, free ride, wake style, freestyle, racing, big air, etc.). Kitesurfing technically is the use of a directional board (surf board) in the waves.  It is socially acceptable however for the interchangeable use of kiteboarding/kitesurfing and their meaning. 


What is the average cost of kiteboarding?

  • The average cost for a full set of equipment can range between $1500-$4500 depending if you buy the new or if you're buying used.  It's recommended to take kite boarding lessons before purchasing any equipment.  After a lesson, if you're wanting to continue your kiteboarding journey frugally, buying used equipment from reliable source (local kite center or shop) is a great way to go about the process of getting into the sport. Buying local helps the community and if there is an issue with the equipment the local shop can handle it. I recommend purchasing a newer bar because of the lines and safety system wear over time and a new harness for comfort.


How much is a kiteboarding lesson?

  • Kiteboarding lessons range between $200-$600

USD per a lesson.


How many lessons does it take to learn kiteboarding?

  • The average is between 2-8 lessons.

(between 6-20 lesson hours) 


Can I teach myself to kitesurf?

  • It is extremely recommended even for the most adventurous and talented DYS types to take a kite surfing classes. The learning curve of kiteboarding is extremely steep and having a professional coach can make it a more safe, fun, and educational experience.

Is Puerto Rico good for kiteboarding?

  • Puerto Rico is excellent for kiteboarding especially between the months of November and August.  These are the best times of the year to take a kite surfing lesson.

Is kitesurfing harder than surfing? 

  • The learning curve to kitesurfing in the beginning is much steeper than that of surfing, however kitesurfing is much easier to master than surfing according to professional coaches and participants.  This is a similar comparison as snowboarding and skiing.  

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